It’s time to win the battle, with Mid-Ohio's NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy. NeuroStar transcranial
magnetic stimulation (TMS) has helped many people who have continued to struggle with
depression even when using antidepressant medications.
• Over 1 million treatments performed
• Non-drug and non-invasive
• FDA-cleared
The most common side effect is pain or discomfort at or near the treatment site.

Fight Depression With Transformational Treatment Treating Depression at its Source
• NeuroStar helps activate the natural function of the brain’s neurotransmitters using a noninvasive
magnetic field similar to that of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).
• NeuroStar treats right at the source. Because it uses a precise magnetic pulse, it is effective
exactly where it needs to be.

• NeuroStar is not electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and does not have the same mechanism as ECT.

The #1 TMS Choice of Doctors
• NeuroStar is proven and backed with the most clinical studies for TMS in depression.
• The majority of people treated with NeuroStar experience significant, long lasting improvement.
• Ask for NeuroStar by name. Not all transcranial magnetic stimulation systems have the data and the technology to give you the transformative treatment you need to feel like a new and better you.

“I had taken 11 different medications without any relief. . . . NeuroStar treatment has helped
me bring my life back. . . . with a happiness that I’ve never experienced before.”
– Todd

“NeuroStar treatment has changed my life. . . . it’s given me life, it’s given me joy, it’s given me opportunity.”
– Colleen

“I live with depression; I will always live with depression. But, it doesn’t have to win. . . . I can
fight the battle. . . . NeuroStar can give me . . .another way to fight depression.”
– Carol

“When you’re depressed . . . you’re always fighting to live . . . to survive the next day.
NeuroStar made such a difference . . . all of a sudden I felt empowered, I felt strong, I felt like
I wasn’t a victim anymore.”
– Debbie

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